A low density project rooted in soil respect.

41 units in 10.000 m2 land, preserving almost 70% of the natural green areas.

The entire construction is founded on piles, affecting the permeability of the soil by only 13%. This allows for the absorption of rainwater, the free flow of animals and the growth oftree and plant roots. All this provides better climatic and thermal conditions for the users.


Transforming real estate & empowering change: our commitment to a sustainable tomorrow.

Bioclimatic design | The project takes into account the local climate and seeks to make the most of natural lighting and ventilation, favoring comfort andreducing energy consumption

Rainwater harvesting | Each tower has roofs specially designed to capture and collect rainwater, which will be used for the irrigation system in times ofdrought. In this way, the use of natural resources is optimized and the consumption of drinking water is reduced.

Solar energy | All towers are equipped with solar panels, reducing the consumption of each unit.

Chemical-free pools | Both pools are equipped with a physical and biological filtering system, avoiding chemical contamination released by chlorinationsystems. This reduces maintenance costs and helps to preserve the natural balance of the environment and its users.

Double-glazed windows | The units are fitted with dual glazing, which provides greater thermal and acoustic insulation, offering freshness and comfort inthe interiors, as well as energy savings.

Water treatment | The complex has wastewater treatment, providing a dual use for the project’s water and preventing subsoil contamination of the world’slargest underwater cavern system.

Organic waste treatment | The complex will have an organic waste composting system, ideal for turning our waste into food for the green areas.